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Care Sheets and Articles. Care Sheet. ... that's why god created Jeweled Lacertas! -John. JerseyDragons Newbie Poster ... German Giant Origins? Jeweled lacertas (Lacerta lepida) have been bred in captivity for many years. Being a temperate lizard, jeweled lacertas require a cooling or brumation period. Usually, this cool down should last at least three months. Our colony in Southern California remains cooled down from late October to early April. ATS Tarantula Care Sheet Buying A Tarantula Many people still buy their tarantulas from pet shops, although the Internet is changing that. If you haven’t dealt with tarantulas before, and don’t know an experienced tarantula keeper, here are some tips to help pick out a healthy animal appropriate to your desires and interests. 1.

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Hi all, Haven't posted or been around in a long time. I recently (about a month ago) got a juvenile jeweled lacerta (Lacerta lepida.It's currently in an 18x18x30 double front opening enclosure on cypress mulch with a PowerSun 100W light and some extra heating, getting crickets daily. This Green iguana care sheet has been influenced heavily by my personal experiences keeping these lizards. I bought my first Green iguana back in 1990, when reptile husbandry was still in its infancy and the internet was a pipe dream. I kept the hatchling lizard in a 55-gallon tank, with fluorescent lighting, a hot rock, and alfalfa pellet ... Mantella Frog care guide by Mantellas are colorful frogs found in Madagascar. Because of their colorings, many people think they are poison arrow frogs, but this is an entirely different species.

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Free 2-day shipping. Buy 1000 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton 4 Piece Sheet Set at The Deathstalker Scorpion is a fairly large and aggressive scorpion species. There may be different color variations of this species in the wild, depending on locality, but it's not certain. The Deathstalker Scorpion is a bright and attractive species, with a relatively thin tail, which is unusual for venomous scorpions. On these pages you'll find care sheets for a variety of reptile species that are or were kept and bred by me and some friends. The care sheets are produced bilingual in English and German. Additional languages may will follow. I hope you can gain some valuable thoughts if you are planning to keep reptiles or already have animals in your care. Tortoise-Island Caresheets Tortoise Island are happy to offer these care sheets to its members and guests for their own personal use, to help in the captive care of Tortoises. I would like to offer my thanks to Peter Watson for the use of his care sheets on Meditterranean Tortoises Jul 07, 2014 · This entry was posted in Angell Pet, balkan green lizard, care sheet, Lizards, Pet care, Pet Shop Gloucester Blog Roll, Reptiles, Top Tips, Uncategorized and tagged balkan green lizard, care sheet, hetaing, lizards for sale, lizard], reptiles, substrate, thermostat, UVB lighting, vivarium by rangell. Bookmark the permalink.

Care & Husbandry Articles; Animal care sheets; Book reviews; Upcoming events; Locations Account ... Small Jeweled Lacertas. CB. Size: 7 - 10"

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Kanga Care Lil Learnerz Bonnie & Jeweled - Lil Learnerz are here to help your toddler hit the next milestone - potty training! When your littl treefrogs - Care Sheets Information about Amazonian Milk Frog Aquatic/Land treefrogs ,characteristics and sexing, Description of Diet, Diet-Carnivorous,Supplements, Nutrition and Usage - calcium and vitamins, Lighting and UVB,Tempatures and Humidity,Caging, Substrate and Water Needs,Milky Cave Tree Frog, Maintenance R59 is produced utilizing a proprietary cap sheet technology, which insures superior color and gloss control, in addition to excellent grain retention after thermoforming. Royalite R-59 Sheets pressure form extremely well and are engineered for applications such as medical, telecommunication, and electronic equipment housings. Standard Colors: